How To Accept Jail Calls Without Paying

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How To Accept Jail Calls Without Paying. * all call from jail/prison are collect. The first way an inmate can call you is collect, which unfortunately we have no way of saving you money.

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That means that if the inmate uses his/her allotted 300 minutes per month, only $18 will be charged from his/her commissary account, instead of the regular $69. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars a month on prison phone calls? Jail calls understands this cost can do more harm to a household budget and is here to help.

Securtel jail phone numbers are designed to save money on your local or long distance jail calls.

The call will be charged at a local rate, instead of long distance. * all call from jail/prison are collect. That being said, the jail always gets the last laugh. Shit, i must have used the jail phone about 125 times…with a success rate of 0.05%.