Dealing With Skin And Hair Issues? Lavender Oil is the Solution

From its beautiful colour to its aromatic essence, lavender oil has become a rage in the market. Not only does it have a positive effect on your mood, but its sweet fragrance also helps you to have a good night’s slumber. Besides being used for relaxation purposes to relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia, lavender oil has umpteen benefits for the skin and hair as well. Here’s how lavender oil improves your skin conditions and promotes healthy hair:

For skin:

Acne: Lavender extract is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps kill germs and bacteria, preventing unwanted acne and pimple breakouts. When you apply it to your skin, lavender oil works like magic to unclog pores, control excess oil secretion, and minimise skin irritation. It also reduces blemishes, dark spots, and scars.

Eczema: Eczema is a skin condition that makes your skin itchy, dry, and scaly. Lavender oil, infused with the goodness of antifungal properties, helps to soothe your skin from redness and swelling, keeping eczema under control. It is also a great remedy to treat psoriasis.

Ageing: Wrinkles and fine lines after a certain age are quite common. However, the lavender oil extract contains antioxidants that protect you from free radicals, keeping signs of ageing at bay.

For hair:

Dandruff: Dry or oily skin often paves the way for dandruff. Say goodbye to stubborn dandruff as lavender’s antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of germs and fungi, which in turn minimises dandruff and other infections in the scalp.

Hair growth: Lavender oil is also a great solution for hair growth. According to Healthline, a study conducted on mice showed that lavender oil made hair grow faster and thicker. For long and lustrous hair, let lavender oil work its magic.

Kill lice: Lice infestation not only makes your hair fall out, but it also ruins your tresses, making them dry and dull. Not to forget the risk of passing the lice from one person to another. Lavender oil has been proven to kill lice and also prevent lice infestation because of its antiseptic properties.